In our grandparents’ day, and to some extent our parents, a career was a life long decision, you went into a job and stayed in it for the duration of your career. You may even stay with the same company for that entire time too. Not only is that very rarely the case nowadays (with the obvious exception of things like doctors etc) but there are millions more choices for jobs and careers, some of which your grandparents would never have even been able to dream of.

Top futuristic jobs

There have been massive advances in a variety of areas of science and technology that 100 years ago we could never have predicted. Whether you are interested in information technology, computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, motorsport or aeronautical engineering, astronomy and space exploration, there are loads of options available to you now that just weren’t there in previous generations, but what are they all?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is closely linked with robotics as it is about creating artificial beings but which show some elements of human intelligence. Machine learning takes it that step further where the artificial being learns from it’s inputted data how to do a task. Whether you are interested in the physical building of machines, or the coding and electrical components, there are loads of options out there for you. For more information about AI visit this website.

Motor sport engineering

Motor sport is one of the biggest sports on the planet, through from the Formula One cars through to the bikes of speedway or the Isle of Man TT. These sports are high profile and big business, as such every split second of advantage a vehicle can gain over its rivals can mean make or break in the rankings and therefore sponsorship. Motor sport engineers are more than just mechanic, you might be involved in developing new aerodynamic wings, new engine components or anything else relating to the vehicles. You could end up working for a team operating on race days, or be back at base developing the next top vehicle.

Astronomy and space exploration

I’m not going to lie – I always wanted to be an astronaut whilst growing up. I’ve always been obsessed with space and space travel. Since lockdown I have invested in a telescope and spend any clear evening out in the garden looking at the stars, planets and anything else of interest. There’s no way of getting away from it, very few people are ever selected to actually go into space, but there are so many opportunities out there to be in an allied career. This might be aeronautical and aerospace engineering, where the vehicles that go in to space are actually designed and developed. You might also consider something to do with ground based astronomy, whether that’s working with a company that build satellites, or provide astronomical education. Whether you are aiming for the big guns like NASA atnd Space-X, or are looking closer to home with the European Space Agency or Surrey Satellite systems, there are way more employers in this sector than ever before.

What will you try?

This article just highlights a few of the options open to you – but it’s great to know that with technology in all areas continually developing, more and more jobs will become possible. You don’t have to limit yourself to one job or career for life – you can move around and try something easier than ever before. You are only limited by your imagination.