You are a student, let’s be honest, you almost certainly play games in your spare time. Whatever your chosen platform (XBox Series, Nintendo Switch, apps on your mobile devices, PC games or card or board games), there is plenty of choice out there.

The vast majority of you will be hobby gamers, but more and more people are looking at gaming as a career option. Sites like Twitch have opened up the opportunities of being a game streamer, and of course there is the option of going into games design and development too.

Playing lots of games will help you to decide, so whether you decide to play massively multiplayer online game (MMORPGs like Castle of Heroes or Dragon City), revisit solo play classic games like Monkey Island and Theme Hospital, or play games like Solitaire or Candy Crush on the go via an app or browser on your mobile device, there is plenty of choice.

If gaming is something that you are serious about, you can start looking into career options at any age, but this doesn’t mean you have carte blanche to not do your studies. Pretty much every career path nowadays requires a minimum standard of English and Maths, so even if you don’t want to be a mathematician or a writer, you still need to make sure you pass these qualifications. After that, you need to decide what area of gaming you want to pursue.

As well as the obvious options like games developer or designer, there are loads of other options in the video games industry, including (but not limited to) animator, games writer, audio engineer, software testers, IT Technical support and translator. So if your passion is in gaming, but perhaps you are not convinced that programming, coding or animation is the right path for you, there are plenty of other options to make a stamp in this innovative and exciting sector.

Just remember it is a very competitive area, and the numbers of Twitch streamers and Games developers who are successful and actually make good enough money to call it a career are minimal, and so, as sad as it may seem, you need to have a plan B.