As a student you can access all kinds of discounts and deals. Here is our run down of our favourite programmes and deals.

student discount and where to get it


The first and best way to access these is to visit Totum, (previously NUS Extra) the NUS (National Union of Students) official discount card and app. To sign up there is a small fee to join, and you can join for 1 – 3 years. You will need a college or university email address in order to sign up in order to prevent other people signing up.

One you have your TOTUM card you can access a whole load of instore and online deals and discounts.

Student Beans

Another of our favourite student deals and discount providers is via Student Beans. Student Beans is a free to join site, which can allow you to access some othe great deals, from 10% off new tech with Apple, through to 21% off clothing at MissGuided.


UNiDAYS is another great provider of deals for students. Through their website you can access up to 35% off tech through HP, 15% off with Samsung and 10% off at Microsoft. They also have a massive selection of deals and discounts at other types of retailers such as 35% off at Dominos, and 20% off at Office.

Other retailers

A variety of other retailers will offer student discounts, and in particular small local businesses may offer these but they might not be advertised on any of the student discount sites. It is therefore key to always keep your student card on you and check before making any purchases. Top places to get student discounts are on public transport (trains etc), cinemas, restaurants, health and beauty stores including hair salons and beauty salons. Just make sure to enquire about any discounts before paying or starting any appointments etc.

Small local retailers may also advertise to local educational institutes so check your college or uni intranet or student union for information!